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DescriptionIdeal for Office Parties, Student Nights, Nightclubs, Team-Building.
Take a step back to your youth by playing our Giant Inflatable Twister game. Join in with up to seven other players in a battle to survive being twisted and contorted into every imaginable position.
Giant Twister

The rules are the simple - the MC calls a colour spot on which each player must place the designated hand/foot. Sounds simple ? Not so, players can't share spots and no elbows or knees are permitted. Also, on moving a hand/foot to a new spot the remaining three limbs must remain in constant contact with their spots. Last player standing wins.
These simple rules coupled with the large number of players involved and the "bouncy" board all add up to an hilarious game that's fun for players and spectators alike
The size of the "board" (20' x 20') makes this item ideal for indoor and outdoor venues


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